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My name’s Lexi. I’m a guinea pig and I’ve just arrived at Bishop David Sheppard Primary School (it’s a very fun place to be!). I’ve got 2 friends who live with me. We live in the library, in a nice warm corner. My friends names are… Bella and Ruby.  Ruby’s the boss, but I’m the cutest!


On Monday 22nd February 2016, year 5 collected us from Pets at Home. They had been working really hard to persuade Mrs Murphy-the Head teacher-to let them keep us at school.


At first, we were really scared: we didn’t know what was happening to us! We hid in the hay for a good couple of days while we figured out what was going on.  It didn’t take us long to realise that the children are really friendly and excited to have us.


Nursery and Reception children have been drawing pictures and writing sentences about us. The infants have been writing non-chronological reports and year 3 have been writing descriptive poems about what we look like!  See below for examples of their super writing.


This week is going to be really exciting in school – it’s World Book Week and there is a pirate theme! Should we be scared? We don’t know yet…


We’ll log back on next week and tell you all about it.


Watch this space…




Courtney, Tom, Jess B and Ricards (Year 5)

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Aanya - Nursery

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Caitlynn - Reception

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Ricards - Year 5

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I've never read a book about pirates before!

I've never read a book about pirates before! 1

Week Beginning 14.3.16


Hi, Ruby here.

Sorry for not blogging last week – we’ve been so busy here at BDS!

The week before last was World Book week – or should I say Pirate Week! All the children in school from Nursery to Year 6 read books about pirates. Key Stage 2 read Jolly Roger by Colin McNaughton and Key Stage 1 read Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman.

The children don’t know, but our reading skills are even better than the teachers : we read both books on the first morning!

My favourite was The Jolly Roger - a brilliant book, packed full of jokes and swashbuckling adventure. Bella’s favourite was Pirates Love Underpants – she quite likes the idea of wearing Knickerbockers!

On Friday morning, when I was having my peaceful morning nap, I was rudely awoken by shouts of OOOH-ARRGGGHS and Shiver me Timbers. We thought that pirates were taking over the school… Desperately, we tried to get to a phone to ring the police but our cage was securely closed and there was nothing we could do! Eventually, we realised that the pirates were actually the children and teachers dressed up to celebrate the wonderful books they had read.

We took loads of pictures… Have a look for yourself – they were a right motley crew!

The children have done super pirate writing – we love reading their work. (See below )


In addition to all the pirate fun, the children took part in Disability Awareness week and Other Faith week.


They met John McCaukill who shared his experiences of what it is like to be disabled. Each class took part in deaf and blind activities and had a go in his wheel chair. There was lots of noise coming from the hall – they must have had a great time.


In other Faith Week, the children were finding out all about Islam. It’s lovely to hear their singing coming from the hall.


Last week, we had a special visitor who came round our school. He took a real interest in us – he commented that the children were lucky to have us here (which they are!). He said it was rare for children to have pets in school.

Our visitor was really interested in RE and how the children worship. Apparently, he’s going to write to us to tell us what he thought…

Signing off now. Hopefully, you’ll hear from Bella next week with more’ Guinea Pig Gossip’.

 Have a good week…