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Dodgeball Tournament (9.6.17)

Last Friday, some children from Year 1, 2, 3 and 4 took part in a Dodgeball tournament at Stanley High School. The children loved playing lots of games against other schools. They really showed off their throwing and catching skills. 


Overall, our Year 3 & 4 team came in 5th place and our Year 1 & 2 team came in 2nd place.


We are all so proud of the children and their brilliant performance.


Sports News By On-The-Spot Reporter – Tyler Chan

The football match which was held recently (October 2016) against Holy Trinity was our first game of the new school year. It was difficult, but we won 7-4!!! The goals were scored by Gektors Servuts, Igor Tyjon,  Preston Rimmer and Thomas Forshaw. I was in defence with Oliver Skidmore and then Ben Tresadern - we had to work really hard. It was 3-1 to Holy Trinity but we managed to get to 6-3. They kept attacking and we had to work really hard as a team to keep them out. For the last third of the game, I was in goal. Only one goal got past me - phew! That was lucky! With a few minutes to go Preston Rimmer appeared from nowhere and scored the 7th goal! When the game finally ended, we were so happy that we had won. We are really looking forward to the next match!

Well done to our football team! A brilliant 7-4 Victory for our school! Go BDS!

10-3 to Bishop David Sheppard! Awesome!! By On-The-Spot Reporter Tyler Chan


On Monday 17th October 2016 we played our second match against St Johns Crossens. We were all on the mini bus, really excited to play the match. It was a really tight game to start with, both teams attacking and defending really well. The score then was 0-0. As we started the second third of the match - BOOM! Our attackers came to life! Before you know it, we were 6-0 up, the goals were scored by Igor Tyjon, Gektors Servuts, Thomas Forshaw and Reuben Whitehouse. The last third got tricky, as St Johns scored 3 quick goals. We were on the ropes for a while, but a quick goal from Thomas steadied the nerves, followed by another three goals. The final score was 10-3 to our school! We are looking forward to our next game.

On-The-Spot News Report

We had an exciting football match against Holy Trinity Primary School in November and won 8-0!

Another amazing result for our football team! We are definitely becoming a very strong team and look forward to our next football matches with excitement!