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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.
Picture 1
Deputy Headteacher
Picture 1
Teaching Staff
Picture 1 Mrs R Farley (Nursery)
Picture 2 Mrs A Hughes (Reception) Early Years Lead/Y1
Picture 3 Miss E Stead (Year 1)
Picture 4 Mrs S Woosey (KS1)
Picture 5 Mrs V Clarkson (Year 2)
Picture 6 Mrs S Petrie (Year 3) Phase Leader Y2/3/4
Picture 7 Miss K Morley (Year 4)
Picture 8 Mrs R Heathcote (Year 5) Inclusion Co-ordinator
Picture 9 Miss K Pilkington (Year 6) Phase Leader Y5/6

Assistant SENCo

Picture 1 Mrs H Clarke
HLTA / EAL Co-ordinator
Picture 1
Pastoral Mentor
Picture 1

Support Staff

Picture 1 Miss J Andrews
Picture 2 Mrs C Ball
Picture 3 Miss H Conner
Picture 4 Miss H Gomersall
Picture 5 Miss K Hibbert
Picture 6 Mrs A Hunter
Picture 7 Mrs L Lea
Picture 8 Miss S Newall
Picture 9 Mrs M Parry
Picture 10 Mrs D Porter
Picture 11 Miss L Rawsthorn
Picture 12 Miss S Sanders
Picture 13 Mrs L Stephenson
Picture 14 Miss A Williams
Picture 15 Mrs T Willis-Shaw
Picture 1 Mrs P Cain - Office Manager
Picture 2 Mrs S Wainman - Office Admin
Site Manager
Picture 1 Mr M Fox

Welfare Staff

Picture 1 Mrs L Foreman
Picture 2 Miss H Gomersall
Picture 3 Miss K Shaw
Picture 4 Mrs L Stephenson
Picture 5 Mrs T Willis-Shaw


Mrs J Smith (Cook)
Mrs L Rawcliffe

Mrs K Peters

After School Club

Miss K Shaw

Miss R Chubbs



Mrs C Ball

Mrs L Foreman

Mrs J Hardman


Community Events Co-ordinator

Mr J Travers


ICT Technician

Mr D Proffitt