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Our classroom is always busy and full of stimulating resources and activities that our staff have planned for us.  It is so much fun investigating the different areas of our classroom; we can be animals walking through the jungle in the 'Welly Garden'  one day and we can be on a spaceship to the moon in the reading area the next.  We play to learn!


We are fortunate to have a lovely outdoor area where our children can express themselves physically and investigate our natural world.  There are opportunities for the children to explore their immediate environment by digging for mini-beasts, making mud pies or participating in water play.  The children are encouraged to discover new things and they are provided with plenty of opportunities to talk about what they have found.  As a result of this, our children begin to develop the key skills that they need in order to be competent and capable explorers and learners.  These opportunities also support development in our prime areas; communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. 


Please ensure your child has the correct clothing for the weather; wellies and rain coats in the autumn and sun hats or caps in the summer. 

BDS Nursery

BDS Nursery 1 Painting Easel
BDS Nursery 2 Creative Table
BDS Nursery 3 Dough Disco
BDS Nursery 4 Outdoors
BDS Nursery 5 Outdoors
BDS Nursery 6 Jumk Modelling Area
BDS Nursery 7 Outdoor Reading Nook
BDS Nursery 8 Music and Measures Area
BDS Nursery 9 Outdoor Design Table
BDS Nursery 10 Water Play
BDS Nursery 11 Sand Pit
BDS Nursery 12 Outdoor Role Play Area
BDS Nursery 13 Moving and Developing Zone
BDS Nursery 14 Construction Zone
BDS Nursery 15 Welly Garden
BDS Nursery 16 Maths Focus
BDS Nursery 17 Literacy Focus
BDS Nursery 18 Role Play
BDS Nursery 19 Adult Led Table
BDS Nursery 20 Indoor Construction Zone
BDS Nursery 21 Carpet Time!
BDS Nursery 22 Reading Area
BDS Nursery 23 PLaydough Table