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Following Jesus, together we succeed


Our Curriculum Intent 

At Bishop David Sheppard CE (A) Primary School, we aim to ensure our children develop a love of learning, explore life in all its fullness with hope and aspiration, through a distinctively Christian education.  Our unique curriculum is built upon our Christian values that provide a foundation for every aspect of education within our school and community. Our Christian values of respect, kindness, endurance, compassion, fairness and forgiveness all underpin our curriculum.

The curriculum has been created so that pupils are equipped with the strategies they need to become independent and resilient learners who can realise their full potential. It aims to empower our children and raise their self-worth thereby enabling them to follow areas of interest and move onto secondary school and beyond with the skills, knowledge and understanding in order to fully contribute to society.  Ultimately, we want our children to become happy and successful adults who can thrive in our diverse and evolving world community.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.