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At Bishop David Sheppard, our key aim is to enable all our children to become, passionate, independent, confident and competent individuals in a foreign language. We believe that learning a language encourages diversity within society, and prepares pupils to better face the challenges that await them in our multicultural society. Strengthening their sense of identity through learning about culture in other countries and comparing with their own is also at the heart of our curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to develop their speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills to ensure they leave primary school with solid foundations to start their next educational journey. We always aim to make the subject as real and relevant to everyday life as possible by creating practical situations such as exchanging with children in two of our schools in France, taking part in language celebrations in the wider community, celebrating children’s work through displays and whole school presentations. We hope that all the abilities and skills developed through learning a foreign language will help them reach and achieve their true potential and become happy, fulfilled children who have a hunger for life-long learning.

National Curriculum- Modern Foreign Languages