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It's All Normal

John McCorkell visited our school from ‘It’s All Normal’ to speak to the children about disability awareness and what inclusion means.


In his assembly he talked about how he uses his arms instead of his legs to move around. He helped the children think about the different ways in which they could communicate by using all of their senses and the challenges that they would encounter if they had a disability.


The children then learnt though their own experience of the activities and by asking questions as they gained an understanding that disabled people ‘can do’ things perhaps in a different way and it may take a little longer. The activities were followed with further questions & answers.


John’s work provides a great opportunity for all participants to experience first hand the real meaning of disability.


The children's understanding of our Christian Values of endurance was greatly supported by hearing of the way in which John rises to the challenges he encounters and has to drive himself to achieve success.