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World Book Day

World Book Day 2016


Children and staff dressed up as pirates as part of the celebrations for World Book Day. They had all been reading the books, ‘Pirates Love Underpants’ and ‘The Jolly Roger’ and reading and writing about pirates all week.


At a special pirate assembly, the children from each class performed to their peers.


Reception read out a short story about pirates.


Children from Year 1 discovered a treasure chest and found a pair of golden underpants!


Year 2 were searching for the meanest pirate on the seven seas. They made ‘Wanted’ posters with a huge reward of £500,000 bags of gold coins. 


Year 3 made a pirate recruitment poster to get together the crew of their ship, ‘The Golden Behind’.


Year 4 were all kidnapped pirates and writing letters home while others followed a treasure map.


Year 5 introduced themselves as Hideous Harry, Rotten Riley, Racket Rosie, Gruesome Glusko, Bloodshot Barnes, Deadman Chan and Noisy Nelson.


Year 6 performed a wonderful pirate song to end the children’s assembly.


Next up were the staff, who sang, ‘What shall we do with the drunken sailor ?’ much to the delight of the children.


The winners and runners up of the best pirate fancy dress costume were:

Reception- Ismail and Chloe

Year 1 Daniel L and Roxy

Year 2 Dylan and George

Year 3 Hayden and Igor

Year 4 Maisie and Michael

Year 5 Courtney and Bobby

Year 6 Jake Moore and Jacob