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Welcome to Nursery!

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Mrs Farley would like to welcome you to our fabulous Nursery class and introduce you to our wonderful team!

Mrs Farley-Class Teacher

Our classroom is always busy and full of stimulating resources and activities that our teachers have planned for us. It is so much fun investigating the different areas of our classroom; we can be pirates digging in the sand for treasure one day and we can be on a spaceship to the moon the next. We play to learn!

Nursery took part in "Healthy Eating Week". We enjoyed tasting lots of different fruit and vegetables including pomegranate, apricot, broccoli and coconut.


The children loved finding out about the fruit and vegetables. We created some beautiful printing pictures which used lots of colours.


The children even made their own cafe in the garden and helped to serve healthy snacks to their friends. 


Miss Newall helped us to open the coconut, it was very hard to open. We had to use a hammer and screwdriver to break it open!


Nursery also explored the effect that exercise has on their body and did lots of physical challenges.


Please take a look at our wonderful photographs. 

Delicious Gingerbread Men!!

The children in early years have enjoyed listening to another traditional tale- The Gingerbread Man. We decided to make some delicious gingerbread men- we hope the don't run away! 

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The children have enjoyed listening to the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We decided that the troll must be very hungry so we made our own recipe for him. We used lots of disgusting ingredients including snot, sick and unicorn tonsils! It looked and smelt disgusting but the troll told us it was extremely tasty!!


We have also been learning about the beginning, middle and end parts of traditional tales and even practised putting the story in order.


Please take a look at our photographs.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

We have been exploring the traditional tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The children enjoyed a lovely breakfast with their own bears from home and we even tried some yummy porridge! 

Nursery have been working very hard to retell the story using character masks and have even drawn the beginning, middle and end of the tale. 

Keep a look out for our next traditional tale! 

St George's Day

We had a lovely time celebrating St George's Day, the children enjoyed listening to the story of St George and then re-enacted the story and slayed the dragon!

A special delivery


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Last week we received a very special delivery, 10 little eggs arrived in a special box called an incubator. We didn't know what was inside and had to keep watch to find out!


On Friday we arrived to find  little chicks were starting to hatch out of their eggs! It was very exciting watching them peck at the eggs to get out. 


During this week we have been looking after the chicks by giving them food, keeping them warm and making sure they had a nice clean bed. 


We have enjoyed caring for the chicks and have learnt lots about them.


Please take a look at our wonderful chick pictures! 

We have been investigating changes as part of science week. We took part in lots of fun activities and did some investigating of our own!!


We found out that heating chocolate makes it melt, food colouring can change the colour of flowers and that skittles can make a beautiful rainbow when you add hot water!


We enjoyed being scientists for the week- please take a look at our photographs. 

St Patrick's Day

Ahoy there me hearties!!!

Over the last few weeks Nursery have been focusing on the theme of pirates. We have really enjoyed listening to lots of stories about pirates, dressing up in pirate costumes and even pretending to walk the plank!


During this week the children have been working hard planning their pirate party: making hats, telescopes and designing their own party bags!


The pirates had a fantastic time at the party playing lots of games, dancing and even found time to go on a treasure hunt! 


Take a look at our very own Captain's and their Neverland Pirates! 

Pirate party!

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World Book Day

We enjoyed celebrating World Book Day. The children looked fantastic in their costumes and we all enjoyed cuddling up with a good book! 

Our visit from the Fire Fighters!

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Shrove Tuesday

Nursery have started to learn about the celebration of Easter. The start of Easter is Shrove Tuesday and marks the beginning of Lent.

We looked at the ingredients that are needed to make pancakes and then made our own batter. Miss Newall then cooked the pancakes using a big frying pan. We had a choice of 4 toppings to go our pancakes- jam, lemon juice, chocolate sauce and syrup. They were very tasty!!! 


Noah's Ark

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We have loved exploring the story of Noah's Ark this week. We even went in the hall to reenact it!

Squiggle whilst you wiggle...

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We think it's very important to support children's physical development by supporting them to build their gross and fine motor skills. In Nursery, we provide lots of physical challenges to support children to become good movers and good writers.

In order to be a good writer, we have to build up the muscles in our arms and fingers. Squiggle whilst you wiggle is just one of the ways we do this. It helps us to build up strength in our arms and really helps with coordination. Please take a look!

Chinese New Year

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During the week of Chinese New Year, the children took part in many activities with a Chinese theme. This included dressing up in traditional Chinese dress, food tasting and learning about the story of the New Year. Please take a look at our Chinese dragon dance!

999! What's the Emergency?

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We had a lovely visit from the police. They showed us all of their special equipment and talked about staying safe. They even let us sit in their police car!

Here comes the sirens!

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After the visit from the police, the children arrived at school to find a crime had been committed! We all worked really hard to investigate the crime scene to discover what had happened!We filled in crime reports to record what we had found and measured the giant footprints that were on the floor. Some of the children even made their own police car using large blocks outside.


Mrs Farley thinks we  have some future police men and women amongst us! 


We're Going on a Dinosaur Hunt !

Nursery have enjoyed finding out all about dinosaurs. We have enjoyed listening to lots of dinosaur stories and creating some beautiful pictures showing our favourite dinosaurs!

We had a lovely time going on our dinosaur hunt and saw lots of exciting things; including an erupting volcano and some very special dinosaur eggs that we helped to crack open!