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Mrs Hughes would like to welcome you to our fabulous Reception class!

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.



Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework 2020


Development Matters 2020

Important Information


Please read with your child each night and sign their reading record.

Make sure bookbags are brought to school each day.



Please ensure you are signed up to Tapestry Learning Journal and have the app installed. We will communicate class related messages to you through Tapestry, as well as sharing information and images about your child’s learning.



We ask for a voluntary contribution of £1 per week. This ensures that we can pay for additional resources such as baking ingredients.



Please make sure that your child comes to school dressed in their outdoor PE kit every Thursday. Remove any earrings before coming to school.


Nappies and toilet training

If your child wears nappies or pull ups, please ensure we have plenty of nappies/ pull ups and wipes in school. If your child is potty training, please ensure you send in plenty of spare clothes.

Learning at Home

Find activities to support your child’s learning whilst our children are self isolating. These activities are also available through your Tapestry app, where you can message staff and record your child’s achievements throughout their period of isolation. If you are experiencing any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us through the usual channels.

Monday 5th October

Begin with Cosmic Kids Yoga – this episode explores feelings of uncertainty, anger and frustration and supports children to build strategies for recognising and dealing with their emotions.

Play a game of ‘silly soup’ as your child revises the ‘s’ sound.

Watch the Floppy’s Phonics activity sheet video and support your child to have a go at their Floppy’s Phonics activity sheet (these were sent in book bags on Friday)

Count to 10 and back again with Tony the T rex as he tries to match odd socks. Can you find any other pairs around the house?

Hear a new story about little bear and how he sometimes feels sad but always finds a way back to feeling happy.

Mermaids & Pirates: Yoga Club (Week 1) | Cosmic Kids

Mermaids & Pirates: Yoga Club (Week 1) | Cosmic Kids 🌈 Watch our videos ad-free on the Cosmic Kids app: ⭐ Subscribe to the Cosmic …

Tuesday 6th October

Start the day with some ‘under the sea’ Yoga.

Support your child to revise the ‘a’ sound as they watch our Phonics activity sheet video.

Take part in our counting challenge.

Listen to a story about a shark in the dark. Can you identify the rhyming words? Could you make a telescope and draw a picture of what you can see?

Wednesday 7th October

Support your child to revise the ‘t’ sound as they complete their Floppy’s phonics activity sheet.

Have a look in your book bag and find your ‘number 2’ activities. Can you complete one?

Take a look at our sensory writing tray inspiration via the Tapestry app. Could you create one at home using shaving foam, rice or flour? Support your child to write their name in the tray. Can them write the sounds they have learnt so far? How about challenging your child to write a word such as at, sat, or our ‘helpful words’, ‘I’ and ‘the’.

Share the story from your home reading pack and follow the ideas on the laminated card.

Thursday 8th October

Support your child to complete their ‘p’ phonics activity sheet. Can you find any objects around the home that begin with a ‘p’ sound?

Sign up for a free ‘taster subscription’ of classroom secrets and test your knowledge of number to 5.

Enjoy listening to the story ‘Supertato’. Could you create your own?

As usual, all links, stories and activities are available via the Tapestry app.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday 9th October

Complete your ‘i’ activity sheet in phonics.

Enjoy building lego numbers in our maths challenge.

Create a journal of your week so far. Do you know the names of all of the days of the week? Can you say them in order?

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