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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Our classroom is always busy and full of stimulating resources and activities that our teachers have planned for us.  It is so much fun investigating the different areas of our classroom; we can be pirates digging in the sand for treasure one day and we can be on a spaceship to the moon the next.  We play to learn!

Mrs Farley would like to welcome you to our fabulous Reception class and introduce you to our wonderful team!

Mrs Farley's favourite poem


I Did Nothing Today

(Author unknown)


When children come home at the end of the day

The question they’re asked as they run out to play Is

“Tell me, what did you do today?”

And the answer they give makes you sigh with dismay

“Nothing. I did nothing today!”

Perhaps “Nothing” means that I read a book, Or…with a teacher I got to cook.

Maybe I painted a picture of blue, Or heard a story abut a mouse that flew.

Maybe I wrote in my journal myself, Or found a great book on the library shelf.

Maybe I helped a friend today, Or went to my favourite area alone,

Maybe today was the very first time, That my scissors followed a very straight line,

Maybe I sang a song right to the end, Or worked with a special brand new friend.

When you’re three, four, or five your heart has wings

And ‘nothing” can mean so many things.

Ready, steady..... get your wellies! 

We are fortunate to have a lovely outdoor area where our children can express themselves physically and investigate our natural world.  There are opportunities for the children to explore their immediate environment by digging for mini-beasts, making mud pies or participating in water play.  The children are encouraged to discover new things and they are provided with plenty of opportunities to talk about what they have found.  As a result of this, our children begin to develop the key skills that they need in order to be competent and capable explorers and learners.  These opportunities also support development in our prime areas; communication and language, physical development and personal, social and emotional development. 

Magical maths

We dedicate special time to mathematics and the children love going to Magic Maths Island each day. Each child has an individual maths target and our maths sessions are tailored around these.  We love to explore the mathematical concepts of shape, space and measures through lots of exciting real life experiences such as baking, water and sand play. Children are encouraged to explore the similarities and differences in the shapes and amounts that they see and find in the world around them. We have so much fun doing lots of active maths activities such as counting as we jump, hop or clap and enjoy lots of engaging small group activities to promote mathematical development as we play.  We love to give the children maths challenges!

We are learning how to read and write!

Alongside these fabulous play opportunities, the children in Reception are starting to become fabulous readers and writers through learning phonics.  We spend some time each day learning phonics and we use our phonetic knowledge when we are playing to help us read and write as we go.  We send out homework challenges each Friday and we encourage parents to support their child with this.

Jolly Phonics Phase Two

Listen to our Jolly Phonics songs and join in. Don't forget the actions!

Jolly Phonics Phase Three

Letter sounds

Listen to the 42 letter sounds. Each letter sound is clearly spoken twice, before an example word is given. Notice that for some sounds there are more than one spelling. This will be explored throughout Key Stage 1.

Reader of the week

Please remember to sign your child's reading diary every night. 

Don't forget to include any additional reading.

Stay tuned to see who will be the next reader of the week on Friday! 


Library books

We we now have our very own library in the early years foyer. Please feel free to borrow a story book, you can record this in your reading diary. When you have finished enjoying your book just return it and help yourself to another! 

Please take a look at our wonderful learning journey. Check back often as we are always learning new and exciting things! 

Competition winner

The children were very fotunate last week to receive a visit from a local author. Mrs Gibbs came to read her wonderful story about a witch and some lovely woodland creatures. The children all drew a picture of the witch and Mrs Gibbs chose the best one to win the competition. Congratulations to Madison and a big thank you to Mrs Gibbs.  

World cup 2018

Congratulations to Kyla who picked France in our class sweepstake at the beginning of the World Cup 2018 tournament.

The Lion King

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Reception had a very exciting Monday morning. The lovely Miss Hayley worked with us to teach us a special lion king dance. The children worked incredibly hard and were very proud of their final dance. 

Warming up

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The final performance

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Happy Father’s Day

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A special Happy Father’s Day to all the special men in our lives. 
What a a glorious day we all had at the zoo. We saw lots of exciting animals and had a fantastic day. We even fended off a group of seagulls to save our picnic! There were lots of tired children (and grown ups!) on our drive home!

World Cup 2018

Reception are all ready for The World Cup 2018.

We have selected our teams and we are all in it to win it! Some of the children have been using the world map to find out where in the world their chosen country is. We are excited to record the daily scores and to find out more about countries of the world.

A surprise landing!

Everyone was surprised to find out that a plane had landed on our school field on Monday morning! We discovered that the plane was very old, from WWI and was called a Sopwith Camel. We were very fortunate to be able to explore them plane and even had the opportunity to sit inside it. The children have done some lovely descriptive writing about the plane and described its key features including its two guns and very large wings.

We're going on an animal hunt...........

We loved our animal hunt in the welly garden and enjoyed finding lots of animals. We even had time for a story and ice pop!

Exploring the world around us

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We had a wonderful afternoon exploring our natural environment in the glorious sunshine. It was lovely to play and explore outside with our friends. The children enjoyed climbing trees, playing with the mud kitchen and searching for minibeasts. 

Getting ready for sports day!

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Just some of the fun we have during PE!

A Royal Wedding

What a wonderful day we had celebrating the Royal wedding. Everyone looked fantastic wearing red, white and blue and we all enjoyed a very British garden party! Congratulations to the happy couple.

A pirates life for me!

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Thank you to everyone for the effort you made on our special party day. Everyone looked fantastic and had a wonderful time. The children enjoyed following the clues on the treasure hunt and were very excited to find the delicious treasure that Captain Farley had left us!

Everyone enjoyed the lovely picnic lunch with their friends and we even had time to squeeze in a game of musical statues. 

We loved creating our own disgusting recipes for the troll! The children enjoyed experimenting with the different ingredients  and created their own recipes! We even wrote some recipes out and created our very own recipe book for the troll. 

Summer fun

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Easter competition winners

A huge congratulations to Sandra and Alfie for winning the Easter colouring competition. Reception were very proud to have 2 winners in their class. Thank you to Porters Funeral Directors for the lovely prizes. 

What a fabulous spring term we have had! We loved preparing for Easter and had lots of fun. Thank you to everyone who took part in the bonnet competition, the children all looked wonderful. Congratulations to Holly and Edward with their winning Easter hats!

The children enjoyed making lovely Easter cards and especially enjoyed the chocolate Easter cakes. We were also very lucky to receive a sneaky visit from the Easter Bunny!

Wishing you all a lovely Easter break. 

Our chicks

Early years were very fortunate to receive a delivery of eggs. We enjoyed observing the eggs and were very excited to see 8 chicks hatch! We made our very own egg diaries and recorded the changes we observed. The children have also been learning about life cycles. We can tell you about the life cycle of chicks, frogs and butterflies.

As an extra special treat we had a visit from Miss Andrews tortoise! We enjoyed learning about the tortoise and will be learning about more animals in our summer term. 

Reception have really enjoyed learning about Easter. We took part in lots of different activities and really enjoyed finding out about Holy Week.

Thank you to the parents who attended our Last Supper, more invitations will be sent out next term to join in with our collective worship. 

Happy Mother’s Day

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A special video for all the special ladies in our lives. Happy Mother’s Day! 

Science day-investigating germs

We have been finding out about germs. We talked about how we get germs and explored how they spread. The children recognised the importance of hand washing and did a great job to remove the glittery germs from their hands. 

Science day- investigating which material keeps a gingerbread man dry

Reception were scientists today. As we had been exploring the story, The Gingerbread Man, we decided to investigate materials to help him stay dry when crossing the river. The children enjoyed investigating a range of materials. Lots of the materials were successful and would have saved him getting wet. We enjoy exploring and investigating, Mrs Farley thinks we may have some future scientists amongst us!

World book day

Snow day fun !

What an exciting day we have had. The children enjoyed lots of active fun playing in the snow, we even had time to build our very own Olaf! 
We have been exploring the traditional tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We decided to bring our favourite bears to school for a very special breakfast. We enjoyed toast, crumpets and lots of cereal including porridge. We did some super writing about our favourite bears and used wonderful adjectives to describe them. 

The year of the dog

We had a wonderful time celebrating Chinese New Year. This year it was the year of the dog! We  enjoyed listening to the story of Chinese New Year and learned lots about the different traditions. The children enjoyed taking part in traditional dragon dancing and loved trying the Chinese food, the noodles were a big hit! 

Wacky hair day

Thank you to everyone who took part in wacky hair day. What a fun way to raise money for a fantastic charity, thank you to everyone who made a donation. 

Reception children become authors!

We have enjoyed listening to the story Walking in the Jungle”. The children worked hard to add actions to the story and we even added our own adjectives to describe the animals. 

The children then thought about their own stories and chose some wonderful settings for these. The children also used different verbs to explain how they were moving in their story. 

Please take a look at our beautiful stories!

There is always time for a dance off!

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Reception have been working very hard on addition this half term. We already know how to double a number and now we are learning how to add two different amounts together. We can even show this in a number sentence! Why not challenge us with an addition question at home. 

Our drawing disco

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We are always working on developing our motor skills for writing. We went to the drawing discuss to strengthen our hand muscles and develop our mark making skills. The drawing disco helps us to make lines and circles. We then can use these shapes to help form our letters. It is also great fun! Grab some big paper or wallpaper at home and have your very own drawing disco. 

Taste the rainbow

We have been scientists today! We took part in the skittle experiment. We added warm water to the skittles and watched as it created a beautiful rainbow. We named all of the colours and even spotted new colours when they mixed together. This reminded us of the beautiful rainbow in the story Noah’s Ark which we have been listening to during our collective worship sessions.

We’re going on a dinosaur hunt......

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Frozen dinosaurs!

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Reception enjoyed being scientists today. The children worked very hard to break the dinosaurs out of the ice. We used salt, wooden hammers, cold water and warm water to see what would melt the ice first. It took a long time and we worked well as a team. We found out that using warm water and hammers was the fastest way to save the dinosaurs. 

Staying safe!

Our lovely community police officer popped in to say hello. She came to check we were all keeping safe when out and about in our local community. We will hopefully be having a visit from the police cars and vans soon. 

2 new arrivals

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We received a letter from Mummy Triceratops. The letter said she had left her babies for us to care for. We found a nest, eggs and 2 baby triceratops outside. We decided to call them Tim and Beau.

We know that triceratops were herbivores, so decided to feed them leaves and grass. 

We tried some different vegetables including cabbage and lettuce to find out more about a herbivores diet. 

Fabulous fossils

Reception have been learning all about dinosaurs. We chose to make our own fossils using clay. The children worked hard to roll out there clay and then used skeleton dinosaurs to imprint into the clay. Once our clay was dry we were able to paint and varnish them. We are really enjoying our dinosaur topic. Stay tuned to see more Jurassic fun! 

Our Christmas party

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This week the children have been learning about the Jewish festival, Hanukkah. The children explored the differences between Judaism and Christianity and enjoyed exploring a range of religious artefacts. 


Reception enjoyed tasting some traditional foods eaten at Hanukkah and had lots of fun making a Star of David using pretzels and chocolate!


We enjoy learning about different cultures and religions. 

A big thank you to everyone who came to support Nursery and Reception at our Christmas performances. The children worked incredibly hard and did a fantastic job!

Here are some pictures of us in our wonderful costumes!


A day at the North Pole

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Disability awareness day

We were very lucky to receive a special visit from John. John came to our school to talk to us about what life is like for him as a disabled person. We enjoyed listening to John and liked looking at his special equipment. We especially enjoyed riding in the wheelchair and worked very hard to guide each other whilst blindfolded. This visit really supported our understanding of the fact that everybody is special and unique. It also reminded us that we should treat everybody fairly and with respect. 

Active fun

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We have been having lots of fun in our PE sessions. The children have been working on fundamental skills, this includes balancing, jumping and moving in different ways. The children worked safely using the equipment and showed excellent skills.


We love being active and are always challenging ourselves! PE is not only great fun but helps to keep us healthy and strong.


Please take a look at some of our routines. 

Lord of the dance!

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Reception were very lucky to receive a special visit from a child in Year 4 who performed a wonderful Irish dance, we thought it was fantastic ! Some of the children in Reception decided to have a go at their very own Irish dancing, what a great way to learn about other cultures and traditions. Watch out Britain’s got Talent, we’re coming for you! 

We're off to the moon!

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Reception enjoyed listening to the story Whatever Next and learning all about space! We enjoyed making our very own rockets using junk modelling materials and made an extra large rocket to help us retell our story using other props from the story. 

The children carried out there very own science experiment to see which material would be best for making a rocket. In the story baby bear travels in the rain, we tested materials to see which one was waterproof. We discovered that metal would be the best material to use when building a rocket! 

Frere Jacques

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Reception have been learning French! We are very lucky to have a French teacher come into our class each week. She has been teaching us lots of different French words such as bonjour and merci. This week we learnt a new song in french.

C'est fantastique !

The Spider-Man taste challenge

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We have been learning about our senses. Spider-Man sent us a very special taste challenge. We sampled lots of different foods which tested our taste buds! We tried salty popcorn, bitter plain chocolate, sweet peaches, sour lemons and savoury cheese. Our favourite flavour was the salty popcorn. Please enjoy watching our challenge movie trailer and our reactions! 

Early Years were very fortunate to receive a lovely visit from Woodlands Animal Sanctuary. We had a chance to look at a baby hedgehog (hoglet). We learnt lots of facts and information about hedgehogs and enjoyed watching him run on Mrs Farley's carpet!

After we had seen the little hedgehog, we decided to make our very own to take home. We used clay to make his body and covered him in prickly spikes.

Ask us to tell you a fact about hedgehogs! 

A lovely autumn afternoon

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Nursery and Reception spent a lovely afternoon in our welly garden. We enjoyed being at one with nature whilst listening to stories and singing campfire songs. We ended our afternoon with a lovely hot chocolate and marshmallows. What a perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon. 

Pumpkin soup

We had a soup-a-licious time make our own pumpkin soup. We worked our muscles incredibly hard, using tools to do lots of chopping and peeling. Miss Newall helped us to make the delicious soup and we all enjoyed tasting it with some homemade bread.

We have been thinking about The Harvest Festival during our collective worship. We showed thanks for all our lovely gifts and thanks to God for creating the world. 

Welly garden fun!

Reception had a fantastic afternoon having lots of fun in our welly garden. We went on safari and found lots of animals. We also worked on our physical skills and had fun rolling, balancing,running, jumping and climbing. After all that fun we still had time for a quick selfie! 

A morning in Tesco

On Thursday the children enjoyed an exciting trip to Tesco. We learned lots about different fruit and had fun exploring the store looking for different coloured fruit. When we had finished exploring we got the opportunity to try some of the fruits we had found. 

A special thank you to Lesley and Karen from Tesco for providing this lovely experience for our class.


This week we have been listening to the story of Handa's Surprise. We have enjoyed lots of exciting activities including investigating fruit using our senses, sorting food into healthy and unhealthy food and counting and weighing  different fruit in our math sessions.


The children have also been looking at the season of autumn and have collected some wonderful autumn leaves, conkers and pinecones.


Lets go to the dough disco!

Reception enjoyed going to the dough disco today! The children had a great time playing with the Play-doh. Squeezing, patting, rolling and poking Play-doh helps to strengthen our hand, shoulder and arm muscles. Good strong muscles makes for good writing! 


Over the last 2 weeks we have enjoyed listening to the story Funnybones . The children have worked incredibly hard to learn and order the bones in our bodies.  We enjoyed singing "dem bones" and joining in with a skeleton dance. Some children wrote labels to help us remember parts of the skeleton and everyone made their own skeleton! 
Keep checking back to find out more about our learning journey!