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Science Club Year 1 & 2

Week Eight- Baking gingerbread men

Today we explored changes and how  ingredients will change once they are combined and baked.

We got a little bit messy but had a wonderful time and made some delicious gingerbread men to take home. 

Science club enjoyed exploring materials and discovering whether they were magnetic or non-magnetic. After our hunt around the school, we made some fabulous games that require magnets . It was great fun! 

Science club had an explosive time this week. We explored what happens when you mix coke and mentos together. We explored different types of coke and made predictions before we tried them out. We found out that the supermarkets own brand made the biggest explosion!

Please take a look at our photographs. 

The children had a wonderful time this week exploring floating and sinking. We talked about different materials and predicted whether they would float or sink.


After experimenting with the materials Mrs Farley challenged  the children to design and make their own boats to float on the water. We made some wonderful boats and they all floated!! 

Science club were challenged this week to make models using paper that could fly. The children tried out lots of different models and chose their best one to use in the competition.

Matthew was our winner this week with an aeroplane that flew the furthest. Well done!

Week Three- Inflating balloons!

In science club this week the children have been exploring chemical reactions. We investigated how to create a gas to inflate a balloon.


We used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to inflate our balloons and also observed a balloon inflating using yeast, sugar and warm water. 


We had a really good time. 

This week in science club we investigated which material would be the best for fixing a hole in a bucket. The children explored a range of materials to plug the holes and then tested them outside. We had a great time. 

This week we explored bubbles. We tested different types of soap to find out what made the best bubbles.


The children then had a competition to see who could blow the biggest bubble with their own bubble mixtures!


We discovered that it doesn't matter what shape the bubble blower is; the bubbles will always be sphere shaped!