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Science Club Year 3 & 4

Week 4 - Parachutes

This week, we had a competition to see who could transport a mini penguin figure safely and slowly to the ground. We were all given the same materials and time to create, test and perfect our parachutes before we entered our final design into the competition. We had so much fun and thankfully all of our penguins survived the journey!

Week 3 - Dancing raisins

This week, we investigated what would happen if we put raisins into a cup of lemonade. We made some fantastic predictions based on our prior knowledge and some of us even predicted correctly! After we found out what actually happened and recorded our observations, we investigated what would happen if we changed the liquid. 

Week 2 - Magnet Mazes

This week, we investigated magnets and then made our own mazes. We used stopwatches to time who could be the quickest.

Week 1 - Balloon Rockets

We had a fantastic competition to see which team could make their balloon go the furthest. We spent time investigating and improving our designs before we chose our best to compete against the other teams. We had so much fun!