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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Miss Stead would like to welcome you to our fabulous Year 1 class!
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop. 
Our Celebration Winners
Congratulations to this months winners...
Picture 1 Well done for winning ‘Star of the Month’
Picture 2 Well done for winning ‘Star of the Month’
Picture 3 Our ‘Maths Champion’ this month!
Picture 4 Been ‘spotted’ showing Compassion!
Fair Testing in Science
As Year 1 are reading Owl Babies, the children received a task from Mummy Owl to test different materials and find the best material to make an umbrella for the Owl Babies when it is raining this winter. The children thought about ‘fair testing’ and how we could carry out our investigation fairly. They decided each child in the group would have a specific job, the same amount of water would be poured onto the material and the only thing to change was the material. Year 1 worked well in their groups to find which materials were waterproof and which materials were not waterproof. 
Great Fire of London Project Homework!
Wow! Well done to everyone involved in making our first project homework a success! The children were thrilled to show off their reports, street scenes, artwork, timelines and house models! It has been amazing to hear the children show off everything they have learnt.
Our Celebration Winners!
Congratulations to this months winners...
Picture 1 Well done to Faye for winning ‘Star of the Month’
Picture 2 Well done to Luke for winning ‘Star of the Month’
Picture 3 Joshua Cr is this months ‘Maths Champion’!
Picture 4 Nero has been ‘spotted’ showing Compassion!
Addition in Year 1
Year 1 have been learning about addition in Maths using the Part-Whole Model. They have looked at the ‘parts’ that add together to make the ‘whole’. Using concrete apparatus, the children have been practicing their addition and writing out number sentences. They have also been switching the numbers to see if they get the same answer! e.g. 5+3=8 so 3+5=8. Well done Year 1 for working so hard! 
Reading Competition Winners!
Year One enjoyed their milkshakes and biscuits for winning the KS1 reading competition. Thank you to all the family members who have supported the children with their reading every night!
Pumpkin Soup!

After our trip, the children used our pumpkins to help prepare pumpkin soup. We talked about hygiene and being careful when cooking and preparing any food. The children helped cut up the ingredients and then tasted it once it had been cooked. Well done to all of those who gave it a try!

Our Pumpkin Picking Trip

The Year One children loved our trip to Church View Farm to go Pumpkin Picking! In their groups, they had to find the biggest pumpkin to buy and bring back to school. The children enjoyed an ice cream and a well deserved sit down after! We’re going to make pumpkin soup with our pumpkins so keep an eye out for some more pictures. Here are some photos from our trip... 

Rememberance Art

Whilst learning about the importance of Remembrance Day, some of the children created their own poppy pictures using oil pastels. Here are some of the children’s fabulous pieces of art...
Our Celebration Winners
Congratulations to this months winners...
Picture 1 Well done to Josh for winning ‘Star of the Month’.
Picture 2 Well done to Leah for winning ‘Star of the Month’.
Picture 3 Leighton is our ‘Mathematician of the Month’.
Picture 4 Ella has been ‘spotted’ showing friendship!
Our Monsters!

Since Year One have been reading The Gruffalo, we decided to make our own monsters. The children designed and made their monsters using lots of different materials. They were then able to write monsters descriptions in their books. Everyone is Year One is thrilled with how brilliant the monsters were!

Healthy Eating

Today the children had a special visitor, who spoke to them about having a healthy lifestyle. They were treated to fruit smoothies and sampled different exotic fruits. We were really proud of the children as they were able to answer questions and show off their knowledge of healthy eating!

Tiger Art
As part of our whole school project on ‘The Tyger’ by William Blake, the children were inspired to create tiger masks and tiger artwork. Here are some of our children in action...

Tyger Tyger!

As part of our whole school project, Year One have been learning the first verse of William Blake’s poem ‘The Tyger’. They worked hard to learn it with actions and performed it brilliantly in front of the whole school! Well done Year 1!

The Tyger!

Still image for this video
Year One’s performance of William Blake’s first verse from ‘The Tyger’.