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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Miss Stead would like to welcome you to our fabulous Year 1 class!

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Sports Day in Year 1

Year 1 had a great time during our Sports Day! They had fun and challenged themselves to improve on their skills. It was so lovely to see them showing great sportsmanship by cheering one another on. Here are some snaps from the day…

Love My Community!

The children enjoyed dressing up and raising money for the Queen’s Court Hospice as part of our Love Our Community project! They looked fabulous in their bright colours and enjoyed eating their rainbow cupcakes as a treat!

Maypole Dancing!

The children enjoyed learning all about Maypole dancing! They learnt about how Maypole dancing was linked to Harvest and how the Maypole was used to create a tree effect. Year 1 worked together to create a routine using the colourful ribbons. 

Our Full Maypole Dancing Routine!

Still image for this video

The Day the Dinosaurs came to School!

Year 1 had the pleasure of meeting Bella the Raptor and Sophie the T-Rex today! They were very brave and all enjoyed having their pictures with the visitors. Well done Year 1!

Year 1 Become Artists!

Year 1 have been exploring Andy Goldsworthy’s art. We have been learning about the materials he uses and the shapes and patterns he creates. We have been using different materials to practise making walls, paths, spirals and circles. Here are some of our creations…

The Day the Chicks Came to Visit!
Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed our visit from the chicks. They were all very careful and considerate, and made sure they were quiet and gentle when holding or petting the chicks. Well done Year 1 for being so caring towards the chicks!
Making a Bug Hotel!
Year 1 worked together to make an empty bug hotel into a full bug hotel, ready for minibeasts to move in! We talked about where we find insects and how we need to pack it full so the bugs can thrive. Well done Year 1 for working so hard! We can’t wait to go back soon to see which insects have settled in! 
World Book Day!
The children looked fabulous in their World Book Day costumes! Well done to our Year 1 winner and runner up - it was a very hard choice to make!
Christmas Crafts!
The children worked hard on their Christmas decorations and were extremely pleased with the end result!
Our Project Homework!

Today Year 1 and 2 showcased their fabulous Homework Projects! Year 1 spent some time looking and learning about Year 2s space projects. They asked brilliant questions and marvelled at their creativity and effort. Then Year 2 spent some time exploring Year 1s work. It was lovely to see the children showing off what they had learnt during their research, answering questions and taking pride in their work! Thank you to all that helped make our Homework Projects a success!!

Magic Fun!

The children thoroughly enjoyed a visit from our Magician! They thought he was hilarious and were so excited to see him perform fabulous magic tricks! 

Making Our Own Pop-Up Stories!
Year One have taken their new DT skills to create their own Pop-Up storyboards, centred around Goldilocks and the Three Bears. First they designed their storyboard, thinking about the characters, the background and the inside and outside the Three Bears house. Once they were happy with their design, they started to make their final product. Year One had lots of fun making all the Pop-Up elements for their storyboard. They had Goldilocks sliding along a path, the Three Bears popping up from behind a bush and the Three Bears house as a flap to show the inside and outside. Have a look at some of the final products... They are fabulous - well done Year One!
Exploring Pop-Ups!
In Year One our DT topic is Sliders and Levers. Our first step was to explore and learn new techniques. Therefore, the children have concentrated on learning four different pop-up styles. We started by making a rabbit move up and down, using a guide on the back to keep the rabbit straight. Then the children created a slider, showing a car moving along a road. Using a split pin, the children were able to create the effect of a sheep going over a hill. Then finally, the children created a flap which we had seen in the book ‘Dear Zoo’. 
Year One Artists!
Year One have been learning all about Primary and Secondary Colours in Art. To practise using Primary and Secondary Colours the children created their own Kandinsky artwork. First they painted their squares using lots of different colours, which they had created by mixing colours. After they had dried, the children used circles of different sizes to finish off their Kandinsky artwork. Well done Year One for working so hard! 
Writing Addition Sentences in Maths!
The children have been using their knowledge of Part-Whole Models to write number sentences. They have learnt that the two ‘Parts’ added together make the ‘Whole’, and we started to explore that the two ‘Parts’ can be in any order when writing a number sentence, e.g. 2 + 3 = 5 therefore we can also have 3 + 2 = 5. 
Football with Southport FC!
The children have had a great time learning ball skills with a coach from Southport FC. They have practised dribbling, passing, shooting and working together in a team. Here are a few pictures from some of their sessions...
Part-Whole Model Learning
Year One have been exploring Part-Whole Models in Maths. Learning the vocabulary ‘Parts’ and ‘Whole’. The children have been creating their own Part-Whole Models with counters and moving them from the ‘Parts’ to the ‘Whole’ to find the total. They have than been jotting down their Part-Whole Models, whilst exploring different ways of making their focus number. 
Experimenting in Science
As part of our ‘Everyday Materials’ topic, we set out to find the best material to make umbrellas for the Three Bears, from our class book focus ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’. The children thought about fair testing and how we could make sure that everything stayed the same, apart from the different materials. They worked together to measure the water out accurately and then recorded their results after. Here are some photos of the children performing a simple scientific test. 
Children in Need!
Year 1 enjoyed taking part in raising money for Children in Need this year! They look fabulous all dressed up in spots and Pudsey clothes! 
Rememberance Day
The children enjoyed making and drawing poppies, in our continuous provision, as part of our activities on Remembrance Day. Don’t they look amazing!
Exploring Magnets!

Today the children have been exploring Magnets as part of our ‘Everyday Materials’ topic in Science. First they all had a go at feeling the effects of repelling Magnets. Then they were given the task of getting a paper clip out of a beaker full of water, without spilling any! The children had great ideas! Some used string to lower the magnet in, whilst others manuvered the paper clip up the side of the beaker. Year 1 also enjoyed using the magnets to guide paper clips around mazes. We were fabulous Scientists today!

Exploring Primary Colours!
In Art our topic is called ‘Colour Creations’. Year 1 have been learning about Primary Colours and as part of our exploration, the children have looked into the Artist Piet Mondrian. They had a go a creating a piece of their own Mondrian artwork using paint, but only in the Primary Colours. Some children then went onto, independently, use collage materials to create their own piece of artwork. 
Exploring Numbers to 10!
Year 1 have been exploring numbers to 10. They worked in pairs to create Museums based around one number. They had to find as many different ways to represent their number using: practical maths equipment, physical objects, drawings, writing...They were brilliant Mathematicians today!