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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!
Miss Stead would like to welcome you to our fabulous Year 2 class and introduce you to our wonderful team!
Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.


Useful Information


Reading books are changed every Friday.

Homework is given on a Monday and collected in on Friday.

Please ensure PE kits are in school every day and swimming kits are brought in on a Thursday.


Plant Update - 23.06.17
Here are our plants after one week of experimenting. Some of our plants have already started to grow!
What's The Time Mr Wolf!
Year 2 have been learning all about time. We decided to practise our skills by playing 'What's The Time Mr Wolf'. The children had to show the times on their clocks and if they got it right they could step forward. We had lots of fun!
Year 2 at Children's University - 19.06.17
Some of the children in Year 2 went to Edge Hill University to celebrate their achievements in extra-curricular activities and graduate from Children's University. Well done to those children on their commitment to broaden their range of skills.
Planting Our Seeds!
As part of our Plants topic in Science, we decided to plant some beans and experiment with growing conditions. Some children are altering the amounts of water they use, some are looking at different temperatures and others are using different amounts of soil. We have also decided to plant sunflower seeds and see whose grows the tallest. We will keep you updated!
Bean Life Cycles - Science
In Science, we have been learning about plants and their life cycles. To understand exactly what happens to a bean plant, the children acted out the life cycle and listened to the details of the different stages.
Maths Problem Solving - 9th June 2017
The children were given a maths problem to solve, where they had to find all the possibilities. Their problem was 'I would like to buy an ice cream. Each ice cream cone can have three flavours of ice cream on top of each other. The choices are Strawberry, Vanilla and Mint. How many different combinations of ice cream could you have with three flavours? Each flavour can only be used once.' They worked in groups to set out their possibilities and then the children were allowed to record it in anyway they wanted to in their books. Some children worked systematically and kept the top flavour the same to ensure that they didn't miss out any possibilities. Well done Year 2, you worked very well today!
Year 2 Stars!

During our celebration assembly we were able to congratulate our star children!


Maths Champion was Joshua Hardman; he has been extremely focused during our lessons and works hard to develop his mathematical skills.


The Stars Of The Month: James Percival for his amazing progress and his improved attitude towards learning and Lena Kedzierska because she always starts work immediately and gives 100% all the time.


Finally, our Christian Value Certificate was awarded to Daniel Lourenco who shows respect to everyone through his excellent manners.

More Measuring!
The children had a great time designing and making their own fruit drinks. They used measuring jugs to make sure they measured out the right amount of each ingredient. They worked brilliantly in pairs!
Measuring in Maths!
Today Year 2 have been practising their measuring. They started by measuring the length of their feet and hands using rulers. Then they went outside and drew around themselves to measure their height using tape measures. The children worked really well together - well done Year 2!
Our First Swimming Trip - 4th May 2017
This week Year 2 went for their first swimming lesson at Swimscool. Even though the children were nervous, they showed great bravery and endurance to overcome their fears. Each week we will gain news skills and become better swimmers. Well done Year 2!  
Living things and their habitats!
In Year 2 we have been looking at living things and their habitats in Science. We decided to go hunting for mini beasts and explore where they lived. So we went into the Wellie Garden and searched. The children found lots of different mini beasts by looking very carefully and using their magnifying glasses.
KS1 Reading Champions!
Year 2 were the winners for the KS1 reading competition during the Spring Term. They enjoyed milkshakes and biscuits whilst listening to Matilda as a reward. Well done Year 2! Keep reading!
Narnia Art and DT
As part of our whole school Narnia project, Year 2 has been creating lion masks and 'through the key hole' artwork. They worked hard to use the best colours for their snow scenes and enjoyed using different materials to create their lion masks.
Our Narnia Experience!
Year 2 had a fabulous time at St George's Hall for the Narnia Experience. Some children went down the 'Lucy Route' and met Mr Tumnus. Whilst others went down the 'Edmund Route' and met the White Witch!
2D and 3D Shapes - Maths Topic
In Maths we have been learning about shapes and their properties. First we looked at 2D shapes and our favourite part was working together to make shapes out of string. Then we started to look at 3D shapes and we made some using straws and blue tac. Well done Year 2 for working so hard!
Our Cold Topic!
Since our unexpected visitor Year 2 have been looking into all things cold! We have written penguin reports and letters to the zoo asking for help! The children have asked lots of questions and have written exclamatory sentences to express what the penguin might say when it hatches. We have also read 'Lost and Found' by Oliver Jeffers and improved a section of the story by using a range of sentences and new vocabulary.
Our Unexpected Visitor - 9th January
This week, Year 2 has had an unexpected visitor. We found an egg in our library...but we didn't know who it belonged to! After checking out our CCTV, we now know that a penguin slipped into our school during wet play and left the egg behind on a nest of pebbles! We decided to take it into our classroom and find out all about penguins so that we know how to look after it properly.
Our Trip to the Seaside - 9th November
Today, Year 2 went to Southport town centre to explore our seaside town. We walked down Lord Street, onto Neville street and then down the Pier. We saw some amazing sights! We explored the monuments and saw the statue of Queen Victoria. The children loved looking at all the old buildings and seeing what they could spot from the Pier.
Our Bike-it Morning - 18th October
This morning we had our Bike-it session. The children were given an opportunity to learn how to ride a bike safely. Everyone took part and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done Year 2! 
Our Science Morning - 28th September
This week we had a special visitor, Ms Eccles, in to teach us an exciting Science lesson. Together we had to help Discovery Dog find the best bouncy ball for Naughty Nora. We tested different balls to see which was the bounciest. By measuring how high they bounced and how many times, we could help Discovery Dog decide which ball he should buy.
Roald Dahl Day - 16th September
In Year 2 we loved dressing up as book characters for Roald Dahl Day. We made a class collage of the Enormous Crocodile and drew ourselves running away! Here are some fabulous pictures we took: