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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Design and Printing

The children have been  enjoying the book Wisp by Zana Fraillon during refugee week. In Art, they focused on a particular page which portrays a beautiful hillside village, symbolising hopes and dreams. Below are some photographs of the children designing their own versions of this village. They then transferred their designs onto polystyrene printing blocks before using printing inks to create a different version of their work.

Real life learning in Maths

During the summer term, the children have enjoyed lots of opportunities to practise their maths skills in real life contexts. Before half term, they planned a party for one of their friends who was leaving. They were giving a strict budget and planned and shopped for the food and drinks. Take a look at the photos of them shopping in Tesco.


More recently, the children have been taking advantage of the lovely weather! Practising their measuring skills, the children followed instructions to make ‘mocktails’ with their  friends. 


As part of the Science and Art curriculum, the children spent a lot of time looking at trees and leaves. During Maths, they practised their measuring skills to see who had found the largest/widest leaves. The photos show them using cms and mms to measure them.




Nous Parlons Francais! 

In French, the children have been learning the names of body parts. They had great fun labelling their bodies.


Investigating 3D Shapes


Today in Maths, the children worked in teams to build a range of 3D shapes. During this lesson, the teams had to discuss how many edges and vertices their shapes would have in order to select the correct number of cocktail sticks and marshmallows! Their shapes included pyramids and prisms. 

See how many you can identify...

World Book Day

What a fabulous time was had in Year 2 today! So many wonderful costumes and such excited conversations about books!

Well done and congratulations to all the children and their families for such a splendid turn out.

Science Skills in Action

Today in Science, the children enjoyed handling a frozen hand! As wonderful scientists they observed and recorded so many interesting things. 


"The hand is melting because our hands are so warm." Kaylum


"The fingers are melting quicker than the hand. I think this is because they are smaller." Oliver


"There are fine lines and cracks in the ice." Dylan


"The ice is transparent, but there are opaque bits inside." Lola


"It's all wet!" Callum


"It gets slipper the more it melts." Naomi



Getting Creative at Christmas!

Since starring in the 2018 Nativity performance, Hey Ewe!, the children in Year 2 have been busy getting creative. They have: followed instructions to make christingles; made Christmas elf decorations; designed their Christmas party plates and designed and made houses for the elves. 

Please enjoy the photographs below which show how much fun the children had during these sessions, and what fantastic teamwork they showed in the process.

Christmas Nativity

Well done to all the children involved in the Nativity production, Hey Ewe!  this year. We clearly have some budding superstars at BDS! 

Here are some pictures taken on Friday’s performance.


Still image for this video
Southport History Trip 

Today the children became historians as they went on a Victorian trail around Southport town centre. They searched for examples of ornate and symmetrical Victorian architecture on Lord Street and enjoyed a brisk walk along the pier. 

At the end of the trip, the children had an ice cream from Triviso Southport Whippy van. After the children had all been served, the ice cream salesperson offered to donate the funds to charity.

Thank you Triviso!


Well done to everyone who supported Year 6 in their bid to  raise money  for new books. What a fun time we had! 

In Science we have been talking about different materials and categorising them. During this time, the children couldn't decide if leaves were waterproof or absorbent. 

Here are some pictures of some children working collaboratively to plan an investigation to find out whether leaves are waterproof or not. 

The children enjoyed creating a poppy frieze for Bing House to commemorate servicemen and women who lost their lives protecting our country.

Bike-it Day

The children had a great time learning to ride or perfecting their existing riding skills. 

Many lessons were learnt today, and super qualities demonstrated, including; resilience, courage, friendship, teamwork, listening skills and respect. 

Well done Year 2 for a fabulous job, well done!

Maths - Understanding Place Value 


The children have been working collaboratively to demonstrate their understanding of tens and ones, using a range of concrete apparatus. 


Collective Worship - A Rainbow Prayer


The children took a Skittle and said a prayer of thanks to God for something, or someone wonderful in their lives. They then placed their prayers on the plate and watched them merge together.