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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Mrs Clarkson would like to welcome you to our fabulous Year 2 class!

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Over the last few weeks, the children have been waiting and watching excitedly for our caterpillars to metamorphosise into Painted Lady butterflies. Of the 5 chrysalides that formed, 4 butterflies hatched. Three were healthy and one emerged with damaged wings. Some great science was observed and the children enjoyed watching our little creatures fly off happily into the wild.

Autumn was such a lovely time for us in school. We learned so much about this season and what trees and plants we have on our school grounds. We used the many pinecones on the yard to  help us learn how to count lots of things effectively in Maths, and used the falling leaves to create collages and displays in our classroom. 

In late Autumn we went on a scavenger hunt,  searching for and identifying natural autumnal signs with our friends. We also planted daffodil bulbs around the field. Our bonfire session was great,  and we even toasted marshmallows. Yum yum!

Christmastime saw us investigating bags of Celebrations. One of the children complained that there are always ‘more Bounty’s and Snickers than any other type’ included in the bags. In a very Covid safe manner, we compared the number of chocolates from different bags and then compared the chocolates in each bag. It would appear that said child was wrong - Mars and Milky Way were the most popular!

The children also enjoyed a visit from a local magician and joined in a whole school recital of the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’. The children’s recital can be found on the main page of the website. The boys and girls illustrated parts of the poem too. As you can see, there are some budding artists in our class! 

The children looked fantastic on our belated World Book Day. Year 2 love books and reading, and you could really tell by the enthusiasm they showed on this day. Well done to our two winners and to all of our wonderful parents for the constant effort they put in to support their children’s reading journeys!


During the spring term, we enjoyed two visits from the chicks that hatched in Nursery. As well as being lots of fun, they helped us with our learning about life cycles in science. What a shame we couldn’t keep them!

Year 2 have been discovering the delights of growing things from seeds and bulbs. In Science, we harvested seeds from different types of tomatoes, really to plant and grow them in the spring. 

We also planted hyacinth bulbs which we watched carefully until it was time to take them home at Christmas.

During the colder months, the children prepared the planters on the infant yard, ready for planting herbs in the summer term. 

On the slideshow, you can also see the children practising their measuring skills on pictures of various native leaves.