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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Clarkson would like to welcome you to our fabulous

Year 5 class and introduce you to our wonderful team!

Year 5 would like to welcome you to our class page.

Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Useful information 

At the beginning of term, we exercised our democratic right to vote for our class councillors. All of the children were invited to explain to their peers why they would be good for the job.

Ethos Committee Members

Year 5 School Council Members

Eco Councillors

Outdoor Learning

We have been taking advantage of the recent heatwave and taken our learning outside for fresh air and fun!


Loving Literacy on the field

Science in the sun

Sopwith Camel

Over the last couple of weeks, the children have been enjoying writing about the mysterious plane that landed on the school field. Here are some lovely pictures for you to enjoy.



Today, half of year 5 spent the afternoon training to be first aiders! Chris, the trainer, said that they did a marvellous job and that they thoroughly deserve their certificates. 

Here are some photographs of our ‘Mini Medics’. 

(The other half of the class will be completing the training next Friday.)

Scaling in Maths

The children have been learning about scaling in Maths. Today they attempted to make a model of themselves that was a tenth of their actual size. 

First, they took measurements...

Then they scaled down their measurements by nine tenths to make their models...

Look out for the one which had to undergo surgery as its torso was too long! 

Irreversible Reactions - ‘hands on science’

We have been studying reversible and irreversible changes in Science. Today we carried out an experiment to prove that some irreversible changes produce a by-product.

We mixed bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar to produce carbon dioxide, which we collected in a balloon. As we have been learning about scaling in Maths, we were interested to find out if doubling the amount of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda would double the amount of gas produced. 

Have a look at the photos which show us carrying out our investigation.


Class Collective Worship

Well done to the children who organised and presented today’s collective worship on respect.

The children are enjoying planning their own collective worships without any adult support, and to great effect!

Many thanks to the parents who came to join us.

We received a reply!

After sending off our character suggestions to David Walliams, we received a reply! He thanked us for writing to him and sent us some information about his books.

We look forward to seeing if any of our characters feature in his next set of publications...

Winmarleigh Hall 

The children had a wonderful time on their residential; enjoying fun, sun and lots of laughs!

Fears were faced, challenges met and lots of fabulous memories made. 

Check out their photos and video clips.


Winmarleigh Hall and Grounds

Just Hanging Out

Sensory Trail and Orienteering

Grub’s Up!

Award Winners

Perfect Problem Solving

Still image for this video
An example of just how to lead in a team. Well done to all involved!


Still image for this video
No explanation necessary! 🤣

Look out Lewis Hamilton!

Still image for this video
It didn’t take long to get the hang of quad biking.

The Pirates of BDS - Ooooarghhhhhh!

Still image for this video
Fun at the campfire 🔥

Terrific Teamwork

Still image for this video
Where did the boys get to??? 😆

Design and Technology

After studying Brazil in geography, we decided to base our ‘Making Musical Instruments’ DT topic on the carnival.

Here we are beginning our ankle percussion bands.


Mission Impossible

Take a look at the pictures of Year 5 enjoying a wonderful enhancement morning at Scarisbrick New Road's Baptist Church. Here, they were commissioned as secret agents, charged with investigating the final days of Jesus' life. 



Spring Term in Year 5
Science Week

During Science Week, the children had the opportunity to work with every teacher in school on a range of scientific enquiries. They love the chance to work collaboratively and hone their developing set of science skills.

Have a look at Year 5 in action.

World Book Day

What a wonderful day we had on Thursday 2nd March when we celebrated World Book Day. The children took part in 'Strictly Come Reading' where they performed from their favourite books in front of a panel of judges. Well done to Bethany Fyles who won the competition for Year 5, and also Kady-Lea Smith - winner of the Year 5 fancy dress!

During this week, the children expressed that David Walliams is one of their favourite authors. They decided to invent new characters for him to potentially use in his next book. 

We have packaged these up and sent them to his publishing house for perusal! We wait in anticipation...

Strictly Come Reading and World Book Day

Wacky Hair Day

Year 5 looked wonderful today, with an array of crazy hairstyles! Well done to our children and families who have raised a lot of money today for the Alzheimer's Society.

Outdoor Adventure Activities 

The class have been enjoying working with Mr Smethurst (PE Specialist teacher) from Stanley High School. They have been solving problems by working collaboratively as a team, and using their thinking skills. 

In this, the first session, they developed their listening and communication skills. Well done Year 5!


Regular or irregular?

Today we've been investigating polygons. Ask the children what the difference between regular and irregular is - you'll be surprised by what they can tell you!

DT - Making Cookies

Over the last few weeks we have been taste-testing for, planning, baking and refining Christmas biscuit designs. Have a look at the photographs to see how the finished products turned out!



In our Forces topic, we have been investigating the effects of gravity and air resistance.

We planned an investigation into how the size of a parachute affects the rate at which it falls.

Here are some photographs and a video clip of us carrying out our test.


Still image for this video

Well done to all the children who have been reading daily. Your efforts have paid off, and you are this half term's Reading Champs!

We loved Mr Navin coming to read to us. The milkshake and cookies made it even better!

Miroslav Holub - The Door

The children have been studying The Door by Miroslav Holub. As part of this poetry unit the children researched, designed and made clay doors. After crafting their work (using the slip and cross hatching technique) the children then used acrylic paints to finish of their work.