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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

Mrs Heathcote and Mr Travers would like to welcome you to our fabulous Year 5 class!
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Welcome to our class webpage where you can find out about our amazing learning journey. You will find information about our activities, examples of our work and comments from us! Please visit often to see our learning journey develop.

Twinkl Interactive Home Learning Pack- Week Beg 30/3/20

Twinkl Interactive Home Learning Pack- Week Beg 23/3/20

World Book Day

Year 5 pupils put on a magnificent display of favourite book characters recently, in celebration of World Book Day. They went to great trouble to really look the part. We continue to promote reading and foster a real love for reading every day.



Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip to the Southport Eco centre as part of our Geography topic ‘Local to Global’. We spent the day looking at climate change, exploring the causes, effects and mitigation. The children created mini wind turbines, discovered just how shocking the global footprints of our shopping habits are and created news reports to share their knowledge and understanding. We encourage you to go along to the centre and look at the interactive displays, with your children and let them tell you all about everything they have learnt!

Design & Technology

Year 5 were given a special treat recently, visiting the local Pizza Express restaurant in Southport to make their very own pizzas!

They spent the morning creating their own pizza base and adding toppings of their choice as well as learning about all the ingredients that go to make such a delicious meal.

On arrival at school every pizza was devoured in minutes!

Our thanks go to everyone at the restaurant who made our visit so enjoyable, educational and tasty!


This term, the children in Year 5 will be 'Walking Through The Bible' with our friend Tabz, from the Southport and Area Workers Trust.

We started last week with the creation story and the journey to the promised Land. After five weeks we should be ready to show our story to all our parents and friends on Thursday February 13th at 2.25pm in the school hall. We hope you can come along.


Design & Technology - Making Biscuits

As part of our D&T curriculum Year 5 designed and then created their own biscuits on a Christmas theme. With help from Mr Philips they designed a super biscuit and then set out a clear set of instructions to provide a biscuit for someone at home.

Thanks also to Ms Williams who helped the baking process.

The results were stunning, and delicious!

Science - Reflecting Light!

Mr Travers set Year 5 children a real challenge; could they try to see round corners?

The teams decided to make periscopes out of cardboard boxes, mirrors and loads of tape!


The important fact to consider was fixing the mirrors at precisely 45" angles in order to reflect the image accurately. The children did a fantastic job and were able to solve the problem.


History - Off to University!
The children from Year 5 enjoyed a wonderful morning at Edge Hill University recently. They discovered the importance of secondary and primary source materials and learned lots of interesting facts about the Greek Gods. Before lunch they enjoyed a tour of the campus and got some idea of what life as a student is really like. Our thanks to Mr Rawsthorne and Miss McKown for organising the event.
Homework Sensation!

Wow what an amazing display of homework talent we saw this week in the school hall. The children have produced some astonishing projects and many thanks must go to all those at home who supported their ideas and produced such outstanding results.

The level of knowledge and range of research has been very impressive.

Many congratulations to one and all!

Gone Potty!
The children in Year 5 have spent a great deal of time and concentration making their own Greek vases with inspiration from the originals. We hope you like them.

How does light travel?

We have been exploring how light travels from its source. The theory is that it always travels in a straight line so we decided to prove it. We set up three cards with pin holes which were lined up in a row. Using a torch beam we shone the light directly at the first hole and discovered that it travelled right through each hole to shine on a surface at the end. Then we angled the light source slightly away from the  first hole and discovered that the beam did not bend round the corner to pass through the other holes. Viola! We proved light really does travel in a straight line!


As part of our studies on Ancient Greece, the children have designed and made their own clay pots. We now realise that these original fragments are primary sources and tell us important information about what actually happened at the time of the Ancient Greek civilisation.
Ancient Greeks D & T

What A Picture!
 Year 5 were delighted to work with Colin from 'Great Photos by Kids,' learning photography skills in order for them to complete our latest Art with a Message campaign. This year our photographs will be focusing on anti-bullying and friendship. Look out for the completed pieces around school in the not to near future.


Science - Meteors and Craters!

Children in Year 5 recently investigated the impact of meteors of the planet Earth. By dropping various spheres into a sand tray, they measured the diameter of each impact and were able to explain which sphere would create the largest crater.


Year 5 detectives!

Year 5 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Southport coast and town centre this week as part of their geography unit. The class class looked at the physical features of the coastline before looking at the human characteristics of the town centre. Please ask you children about the what they learnt during the visit. They discovered lots of interesting facts about our home town, including distant landscapes, architectural choices and lost history.


The Tyger

We have got off to a great start in Year 5 this year with studying the famous poem The Tyger by William Blake. We decided to write a Haiku poem on this theme and also record a version so we can send it to our friends in France.